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If you’re a truck driver who has been cited for a NYSDOT permit violation , a local trucking company that has experienced too many lost hours in traffic court, or a private motorist who is facing a driver’s license suspension with your next moving violation, contact the Law Offices of Barry S. Jacobson in Brooklyn for a free initial consultation about your traffic ticket or driver’s license problems.

Barry Jacobson has spent most of his professional career in New York Traffic Court. He has served as a prosecutor, a judge, and now as a defense attorney helping clients resolve difficult problems that can affect their driver’s licenses. For truck drivers and other commercial drivers, any problems that can endanger your license also represent a serious threat to your livelihood. With more than 25 years of practical experience with personal and commercial traffic problems before the New York DMV, Barry Jacobson has the familiarity with the law and the insight into the procedures necessary to expand your options in almost any traffic violation problem.

Our attorneys also handle cases involving other regulatory and administrative problems such as NASD arbitration proceedings on behalf of stockbrokers and security dealers. Additionally, we represent landlords, building owners, property management companies, co-op boards, businesses, and tenants in all proceedings involving New York State or New York City fire, safety, or sanitary violations. Our familiarity with administrative hearing processes of all kinds also allows us to provide effective representation to licensed physicians and other medical and nursing professionals facing disciplinary proceedings by their licensing boards.
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Our approach in all cases is to find the quickest and most effective way to protect your license – driver’s or professional – through a mastery of the facts, a thorough examination of the evidence against you, and aggressive engagement with the administrative body you’re facing. Our experience and familiarity with administrative proceedings of all kinds can make the decisive difference for your licensing problem.

For more information and a free initial consultation about your case, contact the Law Offices of Barry S. Jacobson in Brooklyn.

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