New York Driver’s License Suspension Attorney

There are many ways to run afoul of the New York DMV when it comes time to renew your driver’s license. You might find that DWI penalties, moving violations, or even traffic tickets you received in Ontario or Quebec have put enough points against your record to result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. If you need representation at an administrative hearing to resolve problems with the DMV to restore your right to drive. Contact Brooklyn driver’s license suspension lawyer Barry Jacobson.

The New York DMV administrative hearing rules do not allow a suspended driver to ask for relief from suspension when the driver accumulates 11 or more points against the license within any 18-month period. In some cases, however, it’s possible to reopen the case for appeal of an underlying moving violation citation where there are solid grounds for contesting the original traffic ticket.

In other situations, the basis for the driver’s license suspension might have nothing to do with a moving violation. A driver’s license might be suspended on such grounds as failure to pay a judgment on a lawsuit related to a motor vehicle accident, conviction of any drug crime, or even failure to pay child support. Failure to yield violations that result in a fatal collision or injury accident also result in an automatic suspension of the license.

Long Island traffic violations attorney Barry Jacobson has 25 years of experience as a former judge, a former prosecutor and defense attorney in New York Traffic Court. He understands how to spot the weaknesses in the citation, and his comprehensive knowledge of New York motor vehicle laws and DMV procedures gives him the ability to find highly resourceful solutions to your driver’s license suspension or renewal situation. He can make a thorough review of your driving record and violations history to see which citations can be addressed through reopening and appeal, which tickets can be negotiated at the charging level, and whether any aspects of your situation are suitable for presentation at an administrative hearing.

If you’re dealing with a suspended or revoked license, or if your recent record of moving violations puts you at risk of suspension with your next ticket for speeding or failing to signal a lane change, contact the Law Offices of Barry S. Jacobson in Brooklyn for a free initial consultation about your problem.